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Video Marketing Increases Leads and Attracts Customers

Exposure For Increasing Leads and Attracting Customers

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving through traditional and digital means. Video marketing is not only here to stay, but it is being pushed as an integral part of most marketing campaigns and strategies. Let us look at some reasons why more than 80 percent of marketers use video:

  • Videos on a website are 50 times more effective in first page rankings

  • Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily

  • Facebook has over 4 billion video views daily

  • Tik Tok has over 1 billion monthly active users

  • Instagram is pushing reels, short form videos, into their algorithm for more users to discover new content

Types of Video Marketing Content

Here are some proven types of video effective in a marketing campaigns:

  • Introductory video of business and services

  • Explainer videos

  • Short form videos for social media

  • Product demos

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Video ads

  • Silent Videos

How Do We Get You There

Video marketing can be a daunting process and we are here to help. We collaborate with you based on your ideas and develop a sense of purpose and value. We storyboard and brainstorm in pre production, shoot, and create the final product in post production. You have our skillset and past project experiences at your disposal.

Do you have a project or an idea? Click the button below and get in touch with us today!


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