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Talking Head Videos: Reach your audience

What is a Talking Head Video?

A Talking Head Video is basically a video of someone speaking directly to the camera and instructing the viewer. The person can be educating viewers, instructing them on how to do certain things, or simply updating the viewer on their industry and business. Talking head videos are versatile and can be a key component in any business' digital marketing plan.

How to Effectively Get Your Point Across

  • Understand Your Target Audience

Before even getting into your content, understand who is your target audience. Refine it by age, sex, location, economic and social background, etc. Knowing this information can help with the type of content to present, how long videos should be, formatting, and even diction.

  • Organize Your Content

There is nothing worse than a talking head video that is disorganized with no sense of purpose. Prevent this by outlining your video first and writing in content from there. Always maintain a "sense of purpose" as well as keeping your video clear and concise.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!

Increase Your Production Value

You do not need a studio to make your videos look professional. Here are some ways to increase the production value of your videos:

  • Use an Off Camera Microphone

The audio in a talking head video is actually more important than the visual aspect. Content creators can lose more viewers because of a video with bad audio rather than a talking head video with bad visuals. You can make large strides by utilizing a lavalier microphone, boom mic, or even a shotgun mic. These microphones will give you clearer and crisper audio than the on-camera microphone.

  • Environment

There is a lot to consider when shooting on location. Things to consider are:

  1. Lighting: is my face well lit and clear?

  2. Background: is it too busy? can I blur it out?

  3. Noise Level: will I be able to record content without being interrupted?

  4. Echo Level: will the room surfaces absorb any echoing? is the ceiling too low?

  • and again, Practice, Practice, Practice!

Still need help setting up your talking head video or have any videography, photography, marketing ideas that you want put into motion? Contact us today!


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